DJ Dino (aka Harald Wettengl, Aktion "Meine Stunde EMPIRE")
Release - Seeed
Anti-Flag - the bright lights of America
Falling in Reverse - the drug in me is you
Simple Plan - i Would do anything
Farin Urlaub - Newton hatte Recht
Not the Same - your penis is a Part of you
All Time low - Break your Little Heart
Falling in Reverse - good Girls Bad Boys
Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out to fit
Samian - take care
Anti-flag - 1 Trillion Dollar
Mest - drawing Board
Falling in Reverse - fuck the Rest
Rise against - tragedy + Time
Kraftklub - Schüsse in die Luft
Falling in Reverse - Rolling Stone
Donots - outshine the World
Millencolin - bowmore
Billy Talent - hanging by a Thread
Deichkind - der Flohmarkt


EMPIRE DJs (Harry & Mikee)
Danko Jones - do you wanna Rock
Royal blood - ten tonne skeleton
Astroids galaxy Tour - Rock the Ride
Bilderbuch - willkommen im Dschungel
Rdgldgrn - Doing the Most
Alabama Shakes - don't wanna fight
Marilyn manson - Deep six
Fall Out Boys - centuries
Good Charlotte - i just wanna live
The hives - won't be Long
Linkin Park - faint
Billy Talent - kingdom of zod
The subways - Taking all the blame
The offspring - gotta get away
Green Day - welcome to Paradise
Rise against - i don't want to be Here anymore
Volbeat - Guitar Gangsters....
Soad - hypnotize
Limp bizkit - take a Look around
Rage against the machine - sleep now in the Fire
Dropkick murphys - shipping Out...
Ska-P - romero El madero
Papa roach - Last resort
Fall Out Boy - Beat it
Buckcherry - say fuck it
Me First and the..... - straight up
Kraftklub - Karl-marx-Stadt
Sportfreunde - wunderbaren Jahren
Hosen - kein Alkohol
Rammstein - Sonne
Soad - violant pornography
Chemical Brothers - galvanize
Prodigy - smack my bitch up
Deichkind - Remmidemmi
Limp bizkit - my Generation
Linkin Park - numb
Rhcp - can't stop
The kooks - Sofa Song
Mumford & sons - Little Lion Man
Wheatus - teenage dirtbag
OPM - Heaven is a halfpipe
The offspring - Self esteem
Donots - we're not gonna take it
Bloodhound gang - the Ballad of....
Billy Talent - falling leaves
Subways - Rock n Roll Queen
Electric six - Gay Bar
Crazytown - butterfly
Bloc Party - banquet
Bonaparte - anti anti
Franz Ferdinand - take me Out
Queens of the Stone Age - no One knows
System of a down - chop suey
Rammstein - ich will
Manson - Sweet dreams
Muse - uprising
Placebo - bitter end
Die Ärzte - Schrei nach Liebe
Töten Hosen - Wahlkampf
Kraftklub - irgendeine Nummer
Ok Kid - allein zu zweit zu dritt
Trümmer - Revolte
The vaccines - handsome
Astroids Galaxy Tour - what kind of Man
Moonlight breakfast - Hello
Ok go - i won't let you down
Pearl Jam - State of Love and Trust
3 Doors Down - Kryptonite
Beatsteaks - automatic
Rise against - Swing life away
Biffy clyro - god & satan

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