DJ Grunge (Aktion "Meine Stunde EMPIRE")
Queens of the Stone Age - make it with chu
Soundgarden - with my Good eye closed
Therapie - screamager
Melvins - Revolve
Bush - machine Head
Kings of Leon - happy Alone
Violett Femmes - add it up
Nico Vega - beast
Vollbeat - the gardens Tale
Social Distorsion - Story of my Life
Rise against - give it all
3doors Down - kryptonite
Agnostic Front - gotta go
Faith no more & boo ya tribe - Another Body Murder
Wolfmother - white Unicorn
Kid kophausen. - das leichteste der Welt
Blind Melon - no Rain
Wheatus - Little Respekt
Fun Lovin chriminals. - scooby Snack
Brokof - Cooperate
Placebo - Slave to the wage
Frank Turner - Photosynthese
AC/DC - thunderstruck
Die Toten Hosen - Ballast der Republik
Wizo - Raum der zeit
Kraftklub - Songs für liam
Die Ärzte - unrockbar
Wombats - kill the Director
Kilians - Fight the Start
The strokes - machu picchu
Biffy clyro - the golden rule
Limp bizkit - Take a Look around
M Manson - sweat dreams
Soad - chop suey
Electric sic - Gay Bar
Offspring - the Kids arent alright
Falloutboy - Beat it
Billy Talent - surprise surprise
Rise against - savior
Anti-flag - Toast to Freedom
Volbeat - still counting
Sequana - Porn New World
Rammstein - Engel
Floggin Molly - devils Dance floor
Reel Big Fish - Take on me
No Sports - King Ska
Rhcp - Cant stop
Muse - supermassive Black hole
Subways - oh yeah
The hives - won't be Long
Donots - we're Not gonna Take it
Linkin Park - bleed it Out
Foo Fighters - pretender
Nirvana - Drain you
Tenacious d - kickapoo
The Killers - somebody told me
Bloc Party - Helikopter
Chemical Brothers - galvanize
Imagine Dragons - radioactive
Limp bizkit - my Generation
Soad - violent - pornography
Volbeat - Cape of our Hero
Papa roach - Last resort
Bloodhound Gang - ballad of chasey lane
Good Charlotte - i just wanna live
Arctic Monkeys - Fluoreszenz Adoleszent
Kooks - do you wanna
Kraftklub - scheissindidisco
Die Ärzte - schunder-Song
Offspring - want you Bad
Ratm - killing in the Name
Disturbed - Down with the sickness
Slayer - South of Heaven
Tenacious d - Tribute
Rise against - Hero of war
Sportfreunde - Applaus Applaus
Guns n Roses - Sweet Child of Mine

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