Tocotronic – Hi Freaks
Kings of Leon – The bucket
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Venice Queen
Eels – Souljacker Part 2
Jimmy Eat World – Work
Faith no more – Epic
Silverchair – Anthem for the year 2000
Die Toten Hosen – Pushed Again
Farin Urlaub – OK
Foo Fighters – Break out
Beatsteaks – Summer
Institute – Bullet proof skin
Turbonegro – Fuck the world
Therapy – Screamager
Offspring – gotta get away
Jet – Cold Heart Bitch
Beatsteaks – Hello Joe
Green Day – Holiday
Bloc Party – Banquet
Mando Diao – Down in the past
Farin Urlaub – Sonne
System of a down – Radio/video
Billy Talent – Try Honestly
Stretch Armstrong – Get the Party started
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can´t Stopp
Queens of the stone age – Little sister
Placebo – Bitter end
The Vines – Get free
My chemical romance – Give em hell kid
Ignite – Veteran
Rise against – Give it all
30 Seconds to mars – I´ll attack
Rage against the machine – Killing in the name
Disturbed – Down with the sickness
Papa Roach – Getting away with murder
Atreyu – Right side of the bed
Jet – Are you gonna be my girl
Ceasars – Jerk it out
Bloc Party – She´s hearing voices
The Hives – Main offender
Sportfreunde Stiller – Im Namen der Freundschaft
WIZO – Gute Freunde
Rancid – Time Bomb
Red Hot Chili Peppers – On Mercury
Muse – Hyteria
The White Stripes – Seven nation army
Silverchair – Freak
System of a down – Chop Suey
Korn – Ya all want a single
Boy Sets Fire – Rookie
Slipknot – Wait and Bleed
System of a down – Needles
Foo Fighters – Best of you
Mando Diao – God knows
The Strokes – Last night
Franz Ferdinand – Michael
Hot Boogie Chillun – Talking bout you
Queens of the stone age – No one knows
A perfect circle – Judith
Refused – new noise
Korn – Make me bad
System of a down – BYOB
Pantera – Walk
Audioslave – Be yourself
Deftones – Change
Tool – Stinkfist
Rage against the machine – Bombtrack
Foo Fighters – All my life
Lost Prophets – Burn Burn
Rise against – like the angel
Mighty mighty Bosstones – The impression that i get
Sublime – Wrong way
Farin Urlaub – Der mit der
Flogging Molly – Screaming at the wailing wall
Lagwagon – Sleep
Muse – muscle museum
Placebo – Every me and every you
Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit
From autumn to ashes – The after dinner payback
Thrice – All that´s left
Billy Talent – How it goes
Slipknot – Duality
Deftones – 7 words
System of a down – Lost in Hollywood
Rise against – Swing life away
Weezer – Say it aint so
Queens of the stone age – Auto pilot
Mando Diao – Sheepdog
Tool – Forty Six and 2
Pixies – Where is my mind
Fanta4 – Krieger
A perfect circle – 3 Libras

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